Solar power, or photovoltaic power, is an inexhaustible energy source that converts sunlight into electricity. Thirty years ago, solar power was an experimental power source. Today, lower production costs, greater dependability and ease of use have led to a wider acceptance of solar technology, making it a major energy source across the nation.

Solar power is used for a variety of purposes including, powering homes, school crosswalk warning signs and water pumping systems. 

With a mostly sunny climate, renewable energy companies are looking at San Diego as the next frontier for solar energy production.

Everywhere you look these days, you see more and more solar array being installed on rooftops. This can only lead to increased electrical costs for non-solar homes and businesses. Don't be one of the last to pay ever-increasing electric bills.

Our efficient and low cost method of installation allows us to, not only compete, but beat solar installations prices throughout the county